Bringing patient-focused, community-based, high-quality, and sustainable HIV-AIDS awareness and treatment to rural Africa.


About Highlands Hope Umbrella

Highlands Hope Umbrella is an organization that brings together community, professional, and volunteer networks to address the the challenge of HIV-AIDS and related social problems like the situation of orphans and vulnerable children in the Njombe region of the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. Its members include community-based peer health educators, a professional women’s association focused on the needs of orphans and vulnerable children, and a youth choir and drama team that builds awareness of HIV among young people in the area.

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Highlands Hope Umbrella organizations follow the protocols and support the priorities of Tanzania’s National Aids Control Program (NACP) for patient care in rural settings, though with very limited local resources.

Nevertheless, the efforts of Highlands Hope Umbrella organizations have touched thousands; they are leaders in the struggle for recognition that access to basic health care (including access to health information and to basic social services for patients and for vulnerable children) is a human right.

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Highlands Hope Umbrella, the Ingram School of Nursing at McGill University, and the TANWAT Company Hospital will undertake a three-year collaborative project of care, research, and advocacy focusing on the provision of hospital-based care for seniors in Njombe, Tanzania.

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McGill University, Ingram school of Nursing, Tanwat Hospital and Highlands Hope Umbrella work on Exploring the Functional Ability of the Elderly in Njombe, Tanzania

Highlands Hope Umbrella (HHU) has been working with McGill University on different projects since 2006. Elderly Care and Support is one of the programs that Highlands Hope Umbrella has been conducting in Njombe with the great support from Tanwat Hospital (a company hospital found in Njombe, Tanzania).

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Njombe Primary school teachers come up with clear roles of YPHE teacher mentors towards strengthening the Program in their schools.

"Previously, we didn't know what was exactly our role as YPHE teacher mentors, this is a very special discussion to help strengthening the program in schools" Said one of the participants during the discussion. Njombe DC primary school teachers together with HHU project implementation team had a one day workshop discussing the ways to improve the program by defining clear roles of the teacher mentors in primary schools with Youth Peer health Educators (YPHEs)

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