Update from Bishop’s University students in Njombe


So this week has been awesome.

We were able to interview all the teachers at Ramadhani School, many community leaders, and members of the school board as well as some students (orphans).

The research project is really interesting, as well as giving all the information to the Kibena Women's Association, we're going to work hard to make it a very comprehensive academic research project, possibly even trying to get published? But we're not sure.

We met with the two teachers from Bishop's and St. George's School who arrived in Njombe yesterday and we discussed it a little bit. (editor's note: Hannah Hershman from St. George's School in Montreal, a long-standing partner of Highlands Hope and the Kibena Women's Association, and Prof. Betty Kreuger from the School of Education at Bishop's University are on a study tour in Iringa region; more reporting on their project is to come.)

In any case, Ariane will send you a rough draft of the project so that you're a little more informed.

But we are really enjoying our time here and hope to be efficient this week and interview more children as well as do some home visits, which will certainly be critical to fully get an idea of the quality of life of these vulnerable children.


Take care!
Kathryn and Ariane