TANWAT Hopsital director visits Canadian partners

Edmund Munubi has been managing director of the TANWAT Hospital in Njombe, for eight months. His impact as an administrator has been notable and in recognition of his dedication to improved health care in his community and his on the ground support for Canadian nursing students in the Highlands Hope Peer health Educator and Home Based Care projects, the Canadian Friends of Highlands Hope invited him for a brief study tour in Canada.

Edmund spent several days at the Jeffery Hale Hospital in Quebec City, meeting and shadowing staff, learning about the Hospital's outreach services to seniors in the community there and its innovative palliative care unit. Thanks are offered from the Umbrella to Louis Hanrahan and his managers in Quebec City.

This was followed by several days in Montreal at McGill University with its Health and Occupational Safety director, Wayne Wood and the associate director of the McGill School of Nursing. Edmund also spent a day shadowing the McGill University Health Centre's director of operations, Ann Lynch.

On June 12th, Edmund was the guest of honour at the launch of the Umbrella's Quick Guide to Home Based Care at the Faculty of Medicine at McGill. The Dean Of Medicine welcomed a number of Umbrella supporters and Montreal donors and praised the joint McGill School of Nursing, Highlands Hope Umbrella effort as a "model for research" for the Faculty.