September 2008 regular meeting of Highlands Hope nurse-counsellors

The regular September meeting of Highlands Hope of Tanzania members was held in Ikonda. Members were pleased to welcome Tasilo Mdamu back from a period of advanced nursing studies in Iringa, as well as MSc nursing students Andra Leimanis and Jacqueline Bocking from McGill University. The minutes of the meeting are presented below:


No Name Title Facility

1 Evangelista Kayombo Counselor TANWAT
2 Evelina Madunda Counselor Ikonda
3 Maria Mahenge Counselor Ikonda
4 Rose Msigala Counselor Ikonda
5 Maurisia Msigwa Counselor Ikonda
6 Betiseba B. Liduke Counselor TANWAT
7 Stella B. Kilovele Clinician Ikonda
8 Aidani A. Mkalawa N/O Ikonda
9 Tasilo B. Mdamu Counselor Njombe G. Hospital
10 Onolina Mahenge counselor Ikonda
11 Jacqueline Bocking McGil Nursig Student McGil Nursig School
12 Andra Leimanis McGil Nursig Student McGil Nursig School

- Opening
- Reading past minute
- Issues rose from past minute
- Research presentation
- Other issues
- Closing

Our lord father prayer prayed before starting the meeting to bless us for the full participation during the meeting.
The meeting opened by the chair person at 11.25am by thanking participants for attending.

Reading of past minute
The acting secretary read the minute, the followed by corrections and additions from the participants, but generally the minute was agreed with a few corrections.

Issues rose from past minute
The teacher who was training computer has left and there is one programme not covered, that is Excel, also one counselor not yet to start the programme. Participants suggested another teacher to complete the programme while other counselors should continue with Secondary subjects as a foundation of being in a position of being accepted any where to work.
Research presentation
Chairperson informed the participants that "our fellow counselor who was at school has completed his studies and today he is going to present part of his research to us."

A research was presented that was titled Factors Contributing to low attendance of HIV positive Postinatal mother for CTC services in Makete District. Research was good because it revealed some issues that as we counselors do mistake to clients, through this research we are going to struggle on improving our services.

Other issues
After long discussion on the research chairperson told the participant on the need on having a refreshers courses concerning counseling as well as nursing practices. Participants discussed on it that it is good to keep counselors well informed and up to date with new information, but the problem is on the administration to allow them to join the courses. Other wise it was left to our hands for more discussion with administrators until next meeting.

Other issues
One participant who attended at the first time he appreciated on the way that we programme and improvement of our matters that improve the way of providing medical services to our patients, and he promised to join with HHP members.

Chairperson requested the participants to arrange the topics that will be learned at the next meeting, topics were selected; ARVS Drugs will be presented by AMO V. Mponzi and PMTCT counseling which will be presented by Betty Liduke. Also students from McGil University of Nursing Canada will have something to present which they will have after their stay here.

Next meeting will be held on 09 December 2008, then the meeting was closed at 1.25pm.