New umbrella structure for Njombe voluntary associations

Nurses, orphan supporters, peer health educators, and youth AIDS activists have come together to form Highlands Hope Umbrella, a new administrative and support focus for efforts aimed at people living with the effects of HIV-AIDS in the Njombe district.

This is the profile that was approved by the Board of Directors of the new entity which will act as a fund-raising and accountability mechanism for its members' programming.


Highlands Hope is a non government umbrella organization that brings together Community Based Organization and Professional organizations to address the Challenge of HIV/AIDS and related social problems in Njombe Region Tanzania.

Their member group includes a network of Community Based Organization and health workers from local Health facilities.

Highlands Hope consists of dedicated team of friends, health care professional and Community organizations as follows:-
1. Highlands Hope Tanzania Nurses (HHT) - who are involved on Prevention of HIV and Care and Treatment programs.
2. Kibena Women Association (KWA) - a professional women group involved in Orphans and Vulnerable children, Human rights programs.
3. Njombe Youth Development Association (NYDA) - a youth organization involved on youth drug abuse, environment and youth employments programs.
4. CHAKUNIMU - Peer Health Educators community organization involved in awareness of HIV/AIDS, Malaria eg, Home Based Care and Men?s As Partner on the prevention of HIV.
5. PIUTA - a group of People Living with HIV - involved on follow up of HIV clients on adherence of ART and Home Based Care
6. Kibena Youth Fellow (KYOFE) - a group of youth choir and drama team that builds awareness of HIV, Malaria, Children abuse e.g. among young people in the area.
7. Highlands Hope Friends and Volunteer activity that supports the network to go smoothly.

Highlands Hope Vision
Better quality care and services to the society in the targeted area (Njombe region)

Highlands Hope Mission
Highlands Hope umbrella a model to building confidence and ability to its members (NGOS and CBOs) in order to improve quality life to people at the targeted area.

Highlands Hope carries a green umbrella with green ribbon tied to the handle with the means of Unity together to build strong community, life and Hope.

The main aim of Highlands Hope umbrella is to bring together and organize teams of professional, NGOs and CBO of Njombe region into corporate body.