McGill University, Ingram school of Nursing, Tanwat Hospital and Highlands Hope Umbrella work on Exploring the Functional Ability of the Elderly in Njombe, Tanzania

This study is being conducted by Nicole Lessard,  a student of Master of Nursing (Applied) program at McGill University.

Highlands Hope Umbrella (HHU) has been working with McGill University on different  projects since 2006. Elderly Care and Support is one of the programs that Highlands Hope Umbrella has been conducting in Njombe with the great support from Tanwat Hospital (a company hospital found in Njombe, Tanzania).

Recently, McGill University’s Ingram School of Nursing and Highlands Hope Umbrella agreed to conduct a study on “Exploring the Functional Ability of the Elders in Njombe, Tanzania” for the purpose of adding to the understanding of the needs and current health related challenges faced by elderly.

“The information received from this project could be used to improve the services for the elderly in Njombe” Said Nicole Lessard during the discussion with the advisory committee members in Njombe.

HHU believes that this study will be the best start towards improving the services it has been providing to elderly through its Senior Day Centers supported by Tanwat Hospital.