April edition of the Tanwat Hospital Seniors’ Day Centre

GROUP A: Monday 01/04/2013
GROUP B: Friday 04/04/2013

Elders shared what they remembered about the past discussions. Betty lead them to discuss about the past discussions and elders themselves voted for who have to be given a gift (those who have remembered and presented more than others). Elders do like songs especially those in the Bena language; they sang and enjoyed.

It was proposed by elders themselves at this time to have a discussion about â??family planningâ?. Wonderful enough we found ourselves discussing about GENDER VIOLENCE and elders wanted this to be a day discussion as a continuation of MARRIAGE and they were living.

Interesting hints were:
- Roles of a man (Husband) in a family
- Roles of a woman (Wife) in a family
- Family conflicts and sources of those conflicts

The disscussion was very interesting and ended by elders comparing the roles of men and women in communities and view it as a gender violence as women have a lot to do with a family than men. The elders had the following suggestion after a discussion

· The discussion about family planning should be on the next meeting, they also asked the Day centre team to invite a nurse or a doctor who will explain why do they teach daughters to use the modern ways of planning their families.

C. Gifts giving
Every one was given
· 1kg of sugar
· 1 bar of laundry soap

NB: No one was reported to be serious sick, they are all doing better as days goes. Treatment are still provided freely for all registered elders. (We thank TANWAT hospital for their support).

This report was prepared by Tanwat Day Center Team