An update on recent Highlands Hope developments

Just a quick update from Njombe:

I spoke with Betty Liduke yesterday and McGill nurse Vesna Papuga's work is going very well - they were just at a village awareness and testing event on the weekend where 300 people showed up and 160 were tested.

The new, two volume training manual in Kiswahili for the elementary school peer health educators has been completed and the young people who will be peer educators are being chosen.

And local health and education facilities are using the results of Ryan's awareness and attitude survey to plan a roll-out of enhanced teaching in all district schools, perhaps using the HHUmbrella/CHAKUNIMU/McGill approach with young peer educators that we're piloting at Ramadhani and the other village school.

The McGill-Highlands Hope "virtuous circle" of care, research, and advocacy continues to bear very nourishing fruit.

Also wanted to note that the Kibena Women's Association is implementing a new accounting system that will be extended to the other Highlands Hope Umbrella organizations as they work out the kinks to enhance financial reporting and accountability. This is being done with the assistance and support of the new accountant/comptroller at Tanwat Hospital

And just to let everybody know, we're moving forward on editing Kristin's home-based care training manual into a handy reference version for volunteers that we hope to have designed and printed for March.

Hope everyone's well,