A GOOD START; YPHE PROJECT – “Turning Hope into actions”

HHU’s education team visited the following schools for the purpose of selecting YPHEs;

  • Kibena Primary School
  • Lihogosa Primary school
  • Ujamaa Primary school
  • Sabasaba Primary school
  • Mpechi primary school
  • Kambarage primary school
  • Ruhuji Primary school
  • Ramadhani primary school
  • Itulike primary school
  • Maheve primary school

Procedures on selecting YPHEs

In each school’s 10 students were selected to be trained as YPHEs by using democratic way allowing students themselves to choose those whom they think will be their good leaders and representatives.

It was fantastically as students were very active raising up their hands to give names, this was followed up by voting where students laid down their heads to vote for their best representatives.

The selected YPHEs were given consent forms to be filled and signed by themselves and parents as a permit to participate in the project.

What do students say by being selected to be trained as YPHEs representative in their schools?

Glory is one of student selected as YPHE from Kambarage primary school, confident girl and very energetic. After being selected, she said; “I give my thanks to you all my fellow students for having trust on me that I can be your representative as YPHE on those 10 days and come back to share with you at school all good things I will have gained. I promise that I will be there as good ambassador representing students from Kambalage primary school”


Reported by Neema Mkwawa; (Assistant site trainer, an Intern from John Hopking University)

©HHU 2014