Training session for Home Based Care kits in Njombe

A note from Krisitin Gagnon, currently spending a term of study in Njombe with colleague Ryan Lomenda as part of the M.Sc. (Nursing) in Global Health at McGill's School of Nursing:

Ryan and I arrived in Njombe on September 2nd and things have been going very well since our arrival. We first met with the PHEs on September 11th and Betty presented them with the computer that had been donated to them by Highlands Hope (editor's note: the group CHAKUNIMU purchased the computer on a shared cost basis, raising half of the budget required locally). Everyone seemed very excited and grateful for the donation. Ryan and I will be helping the PHEs to learn how to use it while we are here.

My project with the home care kit training got off to a very quick start and the training took place on September 16, 17, and 18th. I had been working on the curriculum throughout the summer so the training was based around that. The PHEs learned about infection control, basic personal hygiene, common AIDS related conditions (e.g. skin conditions, pain, dehydration, diarrhea, worms, nausea and vomiting), how to give medications, wound care, burn care and using forms to make referrals and document their home care clients and activities. Betty and I did the teaching together and everything went quite smoothly. I will begin follow-up evalution of how the PHEs use the home care kits during their home visits in two weeks time.

Ryan will begin his project in two weeks time as well administering a questionnaire to primary school students in 6 villages to assess their knowledge, attitudes and practice surrounding HIV/AIDS.