Third meeting of Highlands Hope Consortium nurse-counsellor network

The third meeting of the Highlands Hope Consortium nurse-counsellor network was held December 9th, 2006, at Consolata Hospital, Ikonda. Eleven members were in attendance:

1. Betty Liduke - Counsellor, TANWAT ( Chairperson )
2. Tasilo Mdamu - Counsellor, Ikonda ( Secretary )
3. Evangelista Kayombo - Counsellor, Ikonda
4. Maksensia Manga - Counsellor, Ikonda
5. Sixbertha Manga - Counsellor, Ikonda
6. Potania Mfuse - Counsellor, Ikonda
7. Evelina Madunda - Counsellor, Ikonda
8. Charles Mhagama - Counsellor, Ikonda
9. Onolina Mahenge - Counsellor, Ikonda
10. Bertina Sanga - Counsellor, Ikonda
11. Mary Musoma - Counsellor, PIUMA Bulongwa

Jackson Mbogela and Dr. Rainer Brandl from PIUMA-EAWM were guests at the meeting.

Updates on progress were given from all three Highlands Hope sites. It was agreed that nurse-counsellors share common difficulties which they would like to solve together. Learning from each other is the network's main goal.

The members of the network also discussed at length the need for basic knowledge of computers which would help them in their work and with their reporting systems. It was agreed that a plan would be made for counsellors to learn computer skills at Ikonda where they have a class in computer technology and teachers. The chairperson, Betty Liduke, expressed a hope that this could start soon.