PIUMA to represent Makete district at national meeting

From June 30th to July 6th, PIUMA will be attending and presenting at the national TANGO meeting. TANGO, an acronym for Tanzania NGO, or Non-Governmental Organization, will take place in Mbeya and will be attended by representatives from each of the 58 districts in Tanzania.

Of the 15 NGOs in the Makete district, PIUMA was chosen by the chairman of all Makete's NGOs because of its strong sense of financial accountability. With the main focus of the TANGO meeting being the use of money by NGOs in Tanzania, PIUMA's continued fight against corruption will make for a valuable presentation at the meeting.

Taimu Sanga, Executive Officer of PIUMA, has been selected to make the presentation in Mbeya and is "feeling good and very proud to represent [his] NGO!" Among many things to be discussed in the meeting, Mr. Sanga plans to describe PIUMA's work within the community and its continued struggle with Church and government officials. He will also explain PIUMA's valiant slogan Pima Ili Uishi Kwa Matumaini, Test and Live with Hope.