Njombe Primary school teachers come up with clear roles of YPHE teacher mentors towards strengthening the Program in their schools.

Highlands Hope Umbrella has continued to conduct different activities to strengthen its Youth Peer Health Education Program in Njombe region. Different stakeholders are getting involved to make sure that the program get improved and desired results are achieved.

At this time, HHU is conducting teacher mentors training workshops across all 50 schools on their roles towards achievements of the program objectives. Njombe District Council primary school teachers have been one of the participant groups in a deeply discussion on how to move forward with the program in more sustainable ways.

Teachers had an opportunity to review the program reporting tools and discuss on proper ways that can be used to share program progress and its success with Local government Authorities, HHU project team and all other stakeholders.

Preparations of 2019 Youth Summit has been another thing interesting to not only teachers but also educational officials and other CSOs.