18 Months of YPHE Program in Njombe Schools come at End

The project implementation was sub divided into three sub phases of six months each (July - December 2014, January - June 2015 and July - December 2015).

Up to now, more than 500 primary school pupils are already trained as Youth Peer Health Educators in their schools with number of primary school teachers (mentors) who are helping to make the program sustainable by supporting YPHE champions to conduct different activities as part of program expectations and outcomes.

The trained YPHE trainers (TOTs) have done a wonderful job by volunteering through out the project life time. Very few of them are teachers by profession but mostly are just volunteers, graduates and university students who were able to act as real teachers friends of youth on implementing the program. Highlands Hope Umbrella has benefited much from those trainers and it is our hope that they have also gained a lot of experience and developed very much their leadership skills and abilities.

Betty Liduke, Madeleine Buck and Royal Orr have been such key personnel and important agents to let this happen by being very close to the implementation team and a team of trainers. Hannah Hershman, a teacher from St. Georges School in Montreal Canada has been very helpful in shaping up trainers working skills as modern teachers and in the process of developing and reviewing the teaching and learning materials.

The good combination of people with a volunteerism heart had make this program to be of success.

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